Jennifer G. Gallegos is Stanford-trained engineer and a strategic marketing leader in the clean tech industry. She works at Yotta Energy, a startup based in Austin, Texas, that’s reimagining the way the world stores and uses solar energy. Gallegos is a licensed professional engineer in Texas. Gallegos was previously an author at Learning Solutions magazine and has a blog where she writes about emerging technologies, design, entrepreneurship, and lessons remembered. Prior to joining Yotta Energy, she held roles in project management, building design, sales, and marketing. Gallegos also volunteers with local organizations aimed at getting youth involved with STEM careers, and increasing diversity and inclusivity in STEM. When Gallegos is not busy speaking or working on cool projects you can find her climbing at the local rock gym, practicing yoga, reading, or exploring new places.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Spanish from Stanford University and a Master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.