Lessons Remembered

Ask. Answer. Repeat.

Who is your customer? Who is your customer? Who is your customer? Who is your customer? This is probably the most important and simplest question any entrepreneur can answer. Yet, it’s also the most misunderstood… Read More »Ask. Answer. Repeat.

Engage with the world

The other day I remembered that I needed to be more observant. I needed to observe my surroundings, the interactions I had, my feelings, my thoughts, and the ideas I read about. Initially, this meant… Read More »Engage with the world

True fan centered value

The more content I read, listen to, and watch, the more I understand the importance of value creation. It’s easy to see why most creators do not provide value (hint: It can be really hard!). … Read More »True fan centered value

Lessons Remembered

Over the last few years, I’ve written down various lessons remembered/learned from my daily life. Recently, I realized that I wanted to share my lessons remembered/learned with you. While it’s challenging to distill lessons remembered… Read More »Lessons Remembered